Recommendation Engines – End-to-End Development & Deployment.

A hands-on Hadoop Workshop which focuses on the application of Hadoop for solving a real world business problem involving Big Data.
“Recommendations” for products, services or content are a very common feature in many sites these days and this workshop delves into developing and deploying one.

The workshop will cover series of data mining algorithms implemented on Hadoop to solve recommendation problems. It will start with the cold start problem involving matching between user profile and products, followed by the warm start problem which is solved by finding similarities between products. These solutions are based on distance based algorithms in a multi dimensional feature space.

Then it will cover a set of recommendation solutions based on social or user behavior data. It will include in the order of complexity, simple cosinr and jaccard similarity, slope one algorithms and finally collaborative filtering.

The workshop will draw on actual implementation done by the instructor and be available as an open source project on github.


Java, Hadoop MapReduce and background in distributed computation.


Developers,Database administrators,Data Analytics professionals,Data architects,Managers.

Class Date

May 12th 2013

Class Duration

8 hours

Class Location

3200 Coronado Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054


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Pay using Paypal at 24 hours before the class.

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Send us a check payable to “Third Eye CSS” at the mailing Address : 5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 320, Santa Clara, CA 95054.
Check must be received 24 hours before the class start time.

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