Apache Hive – Concepts & HiveQL Analytics

Linux Professional Institute  This class is being offered in partnership with the Linux Professional Institute.

For a file based system like Hadoop, developers need a mechanism to query data using a SQL like language. This is where Hive comes in.
This class covers all major areas of Hive with extensive labs. This class empowers the students with the necessary knowledge to effectively function as Hive Developer in the Big Data marketplace.

This class covers the following areas:

  • Installation
  • Architecture
  • Metastores
  • Data Modeling
  • UDF
  • HiveQL - Basics & Advanced Concepts
  • Integrating with HBase

The hands-on labs dives deep into HiveQL & enables its students to use Hive in a real life projects using many of its advanced features.

Students will get access to real Hadoop clusters provisioned by ClustersToGo.com.
The Hadoop distribution used in the class is Cloudera’s CDH4 (though we can also use other distros, on request)



Basic Linux command line skills , DB knowledge, MPP architecture knowledge, HDFS is a must.

Recommended Next Class

Pig Basics and Advanced; Part of Hadoop BI Developer’s Track


Developers, IT Administrators, Managers, Analysts, Data Scientist

What to bring to your class

Your computer, Any SSH Client like putty.exe

Recommended Readings

O’Reilly’s ‘Hadoop’ book by Tom White

Class Dates

July 28, 2013;
August 11, 2013,
August 25, 2013,
September 22,2013

Class Duration

4 hours;  8:30-12:30

Class Location

3200 Coronado Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054, 408 306 8462

Price & Registration

Option 1:
Pay using Paypal at training@thirdeyecss.com 24 hours before the class.

Option 2:
Send us a check payable to “Third Eye CSS” at the mailing Address :
5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 320, Santa Clara, CA 95054.
Check must be received 24 hours before the class start time.

Option 3:

Payments must be received by Third Eye CSS 24 hours before class start time.
Any Cancellation must be notified 12 hours before class start time, otherwise, no refund would be issued.

Contact Information:

Training Department
(408) 290-9949 – Ext 3